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70.00 €

90.00 €

1-Day-Ticket, reduced*

20.00 €

25.00 €


120.00 €

140.00 €

Season Ticket

165.00 €

200.00 €


45.00 €

45.00 €

Premium WIFI-Voucher***

Note: All eTickets include a free one-day WIFI code for the day of your visit (speed up to 2 Mbps, 1GB data limit). Premium WIFI-Voucher are valid for the duration stated with unlimited data volume and a speed up to 10 Mbps.



WIFI-Voucher "60 minutes"

6.00 €


100,00 €

WIFI-Voucher "1 Day"

35.00 €


70,00 €

WIFI-Voucher "3 Days"

79.00 €


70,00 €

* Upon presentation of the corresponding legitimation, persons in the following categories are eligible to purchase a reduced ticket: Pupils from the age of 13 years, students (upon presentation of their student pass. Student pass must indicate the date of expiry), trainees, voluntary military service, federal voluntary service, unemployed persons, senior citizens from 65 years onwards, pensioners, persons with disability (with B or H on the ID card, the accompanying person has free admission) and Düsselpass owners by showing an appropriate credential.
We reserve the right to check the corresponding legitimation at the turnstile.

** You can exchange the catalogue voucher for a catalogue solely at the info counters in the halls or at the cash desks onsite.

*** T&C for WIFI-Vouchers:
A. 60 Minutes: the usage of the 60 minutes may be spread over the whole duration of the exhibition, a logout is required.
B. 1 Day: Once activated the code is valid for the same day until midnight (not 24 hours).
C. 3 Days: Choose any 3 days during the exhibition, valid from 00:00-23:59 that day.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget your bus and train ticket.

Your journey by bus and train: Just check in and go! With the new eezy electronic fare, bus and train travel has never been easier: you check in via the new eezy app when you start your journey and check out again at your destination stop. That's all you have to do.

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I would like to buy a parking ticket for my car

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With the ticket shop of the GOLDBECK Parking Services GmbH you are able to buy a park ticket for your car comfortably in advance.
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Ticket-Hotline: +49 211 / 4560-7600
(No telephone or written ticket order possible)